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XT Patisserie – Location in La Habra not closed, just retail front not opened yet!

It’s been a long time since our last post.  I know, know, lame excuse, but really been too busy :)

XT Patisserie moved into our new location in La Habra last February (Feb 2012) .

The address is:

1403 E. Lambert Rd, Suite A

La Habra, CA 90631

Below is a phone picture of the retail front.

Yes, yes, we have not opened the front retail yet.  We have been mostly using the kitchen in the back cranking out macarons to sell to other resellers.

Retail Front

Since we have not opened our retail front yet, yelpers have been coming by and commenting that our store is closed.  I guess this is fair, since technically, it’s not opened yet, so it’s closed.  As can be seen below on the yelp page, it’s indicated as closed:

Yelp indicating we're closed.  Really, we have opened yet!

XT Patisserie is in the 2nd step of our 3 steps goal in growing our business:

1.  sharing a commercial kitchen to produce macarons

2. opening our own kitchen with a small retail/show room

3. opening a retail only/boutique shop (no kitchen) in an upscale area

We are currently at step 2 and are excited to take the next step in the near future.

This does not mean you cannot stop by and say hi or get some macarons:)  Just give us a ring and we’ll open the door for you.  We hope to open the retail front soon …. maybe before the Holidays!

Well, until our next post, chao …

Macaron Tower at Paris in a Cup

We started selling our macarons at Paris in a Cup in Orange, CA about 2 weeks ago:  To attract more foot traffic and to promote our macarons, chef Xuan Ngo created a macaron tower and owner Cheryl at Paris in a Cup was willing to give up some prime real estate on the bay display window up front for our tower.  Thanks Cheryl !

XT Patisserie's Macaron Tower at Paris in a Cup in Display Window

XT Patisserie's Macaron Tower at Paris in a Cup in Display Window

 Here’s a closeup of the tower:


Closeup of Macaron Tower

Closeup of Macaron Tower

A shot from inside the store:

Shot inside the store


Again, many thanks to Chery and Valerie at Paris in a Cup.  Please stop by and pick up a few boxes of our macarons!

  Paris In A Cup
  119 S Glassell St
  Orange CA 92866
  Phone (714) 538-9411

City of Placentia – State of the City Address by Mayor Joseph Aguirre

This morning, chef Xuan Ngo and I were invited to the City of Placentia – State of the City Address by new mayor Joseph Aguirre at the Alta Vista Country Club in Placentia.  One would ask why were we invited to the State of the City address by the Mayor?  What the heck? 

Eventhough our commercial kitchen and business license is in the city of Fullerton, both Chef Xuan and I live in the city of Placentia.  Actually, we caught the Mayor and city officials’ attention from our participation in the LA Chocolate Salon in 10/09.  Apparently one of the attendees brought it up to the Mayor that there are Artisan Chocolatiers in his city !!!

Below is a picture of Chef Xuan and I with Mayor Joseph Aguirre. 

City of Placentia - State of City Address by Mayor Aguirre

Chef Xuan Ngo, Mayor Joseph Aguirre and Tuan Trinh

Article on Nguoi Viet Newspaper

Diane Cu and Todd Porter came to our commercial kitchen in Fullerton last week to do an article for the Nguoi Viet newspaper.  Todd took lots of pictures while Diane was doing the interviewing.  They stopped by while Chef Xuan was preparing some Saigon Cinnamon chocolates

Check out the article at

The article appeared in print on Thursday, Februray 11, 2010 and appeared online on 2/12.

Big thanks to Diane Cu, Todd Porter, and editor Anh Do for the article.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year)

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

For this Valentine’s Day, we are doing 3 types of chocolates:

  • Caramel Vanilla Fleur de Sel in milk chocolate
  • Passion fruit in white chocolate
  • Vanilla in dark chocolates

All these chocolates are in beautiful heart shaped to impress your loved ones.  What will express your love louder than the hearts below.

For Valentine’s Day special, we are doing Free Shipping for orders of 3 boxes of either chocolates or macarons.

These heart-shaped chocolates are only for limited time, so please order them quickly at  Because we are only currently selling these heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day, we have removed all of our regular 12 flavors from our site.  They will be back online after V-day.

We will ship starting the week of Monday 2/8/2010 up to Thursday 2/11.  Please remember that for delivery to greater OC and LA, shipping is next day.  Thus, for those procastinators living in OC and LA, you will have up till 2/11, 12 PM to place your orders !!!

Free Shipping on Orders of 3 or More Boxes

The holidays are fast approaching …

We are running a promotion to help out the proscatinors out there who are still looking for last minute gifts.

We are offering free shipping to any, that’s right, any of the 48 continental states on orders of 3 or more boxes of macarons ( or chocolates (

Order now thru Sunday 12/20, and we will ship on Monday 12/21.  Orders shipping to greater OC and LA will arrive on Tuesday 12/22.  Orders to other western states will arrive on Wednesday 12/23.  Orders to further eastern states will ship by 3 day air, thus arriving on Thursday, 12/24.  For shipping schedules, please see

And The Winners are …

Yay!!! XT Patisserie won 3 first places:

  • Top Artisan Chocolatier
  • Best Flavored Chocolate
  • Most Gifted Chocolatier / Chocolate Maker

Overall, we collected 7 awards: 3 first, 2 second, and 2 third

For a first timer attending the event, it was quite impressive to place 3 first places !!!

Chef Xuan, I and our team would like to thank all those who supported us and especially the judges …  Thanks

LA Luxury Chocolate Salon Blogs

As mentioned in my previous post, there were lots of foodies and bloggers at the LA Luxury Chocolate Salon.

XT Patisserie had lots of mention in blogs and newspaper article:

There were also blogs on the event that did not mention XT Patisserie (boo !!!), but I will list them here anyways.  Why not?

I would like to thank all the bloggers who attended the event and blog about us.  Thanks a bunch !!!


Welcome to XT Patisserie.  We sell artisan chocolates and French pastries online and wholesale at and

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