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Article on Nguoi Viet Newspaper

Diane Cu and Todd Porter came to our commercial kitchen in Fullerton last week to do an article for the Nguoi Viet newspaper.  Todd took lots of pictures while Diane was doing the interviewing.  They stopped by while Chef Xuan was preparing some Saigon Cinnamon chocolates

Check out the article at

The article appeared in print on Thursday, Februray 11, 2010 and appeared online on 2/12.

Big thanks to Diane Cu, Todd Porter, and editor Anh Do for the article.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year)

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

For this Valentine’s Day, we are doing 3 types of chocolates:

  • Caramel Vanilla Fleur de Sel in milk chocolate
  • Passion fruit in white chocolate
  • Vanilla in dark chocolates

All these chocolates are in beautiful heart shaped to impress your loved ones.  What will express your love louder than the hearts below.

For Valentine’s Day special, we are doing Free Shipping for orders of 3 boxes of either chocolates or macarons.

These heart-shaped chocolates are only for limited time, so please order them quickly at  Because we are only currently selling these heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day, we have removed all of our regular 12 flavors from our site.  They will be back online after V-day.

We will ship starting the week of Monday 2/8/2010 up to Thursday 2/11.  Please remember that for delivery to greater OC and LA, shipping is next day.  Thus, for those procastinators living in OC and LA, you will have up till 2/11, 12 PM to place your orders !!!

LA Luxury Chocolate Salon


XT Patisserie participated in the LA Luxury Chocolate Salon ( in Pasadena on October 11, 2009. Finally found some time to post.  Will follow with more blog reviews and awards from the show.

Here is our table at the show before the crowd arrives

XT Patisserie table at LA Chocolate Show

XT Patisserie - at LA Chocolate Salon before the crowd arrives

 Here are a few close up shots of our goodies

XT Patisserie - Goodies at our table

XT Patisserie - goodies at our table

XT Patisserie - LA Chocolate Salon

XT Patisserie - Artisan chocolates, macarons, chocolate tuile with nuts

 Here’s is our 12-piece chocolate box:

XT Patisserie - 12 piece chocolate box

XT Patisserie - 12 piece chocolate box

We were allowed 1 hr to set up our table and display all our goodies.  Four of us came early to set up the tables.  We barely finished setting up the tables when the crowd arrives sharply at 11 AM when the door opens.  Here is a pic of the crowd:

XT Patisserie - crowd at LA Chocolate Salon

XT Patisserie - crowd at LA Chocolate Salon

We brought our 12 flavors of chocolates as well as the vanilla and chocolate macarons.  The macarons were a hit, as they were something new and different apart from all the chocolates at the show.  We actually have 10 flavors of the macarons, but decided to only bring the bite-size vanilla and chocolate flavors since it’s a chocolate show.  We didn’t want to be kicked out by offering all the macarons flavors!

Although the crowd likes all the chocolate flavors, cinnamon, passion fruit, kalamansi, hazelnut were the most favorites, with the Saigon cinnamon being the favorite.

There were lots of foodies and bloggers among the crowd.  I will post their blogs and the awards in the next post.

Here is a picture of me, Tuan Trinh, and our pastry chef, Xuan Ngo at the end of the show at 5 PM, looking all exhausted from standing for 7 hours without food !

XT Patisserie - pastry chef Xuan Ngo and co-owner Tuan Trinh XT Patisserie – pastry chef Xuan Ngo and co-owner Tuan Trinh
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